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Helping Multi-Cultural Families

Our spiritual beliefs are often deeply rooted at the core of our being and contribute to how we view our world and our situations. These beliefs, when shared, often contribute to unity. However, they can also be strongly divisive otherwise.. Alaska Marriage and Family Therapists are uniquely trained to help with individual and relational spiritual issues.


 Spiritual Beliefs

"So these three things continue forever: faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is love"

1Cor 13:13

Individual health and sense of wholeness contributes to improved relational interactions and overall life fulfillment.

Family dynamics are often complex interactions that lead to either connection or feeling of rejection. Each individual is a vital part of the process and one often influences the other.

The marriage is the foundation on which other family relationships are formed. A healthy functioning marriage is essential to positive family dynamics.

Building a good foundation is crucial to aid in marital and family unity, connection, and fulfillment.